Boarding Agreement and Requirements
  • Pets are boarded in a heated facility during inclement weather.
  • Pets are walked at least once a day in the Economy Runs and at least twice a day in the Boarding Suites.
  • Pets are not allowed direct access to other pets.  We feel that intermingling pets from different households is a recipe for disaster.  We do not want you to worry about your pets being threatened by another strange or unpredictable animal.
  • Boarding charges will include the day your pet is dropped off and the day your pet is picked up, unless you are here when we open.
  • All pets are required to have proof of up to date vaccinations, including Rabies, Parvo, Distempers and Kennel Cough.  A veterinary certificate is required.  If your pet needs to be updated, we can give the vaccinations when you drop off your pet.
  • Any pet that has any fleas or ticks will be treated with Frontline when admitted.  If severe they will be given a flea bath.  All of the flea care will be charged to the owner.

When you drop off your pet you will be asked to sign a release form.  This form basically asks you, if your pet is not acting right, do you give Dr. Meissen permission to examine and treat your pet.  You will be asked to either give permission to provide medical care for your pet, or not to provide this care until you are contacted.
Also you will be asked to provide emergency phone numbers.

All these precautions are in place to provide your pet an enjoyable stay and a safe environment.
Progressive Veterinary Boarding Suites611 West Highway 24
Salisbury, Missouri 65281
Business phone:  660-388-6411